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For over 20 years we have been breathing, dreaming and creating fashion all over the world, You know the perfect look and feel and feel unique, always.

Hagit Or-Agassi has built a successful career as a fashion designer in Europe and the US thanks to her unique style and personal style.
Establishing a personal and exclusive brand of its own was an obvious step, and indeed from 2013 the BIANCO NERO brand can be purchased in Israel as well.

The Bianco Narro brand (black-and-white in Italian) has gained a loyal fans for its unique design, the classic European-style collection is made with high quality fabrics with utmost care.
Most importantly thanks to the exquisite collection featuring a wide range of options that will suit your every occasion.
In our store you will find a wide collection suitable of evening weae as well as Shabbos & Chag apparel. 
We would love to host you in one of the online branches and customize the perfect look for you.

Hagit Or-Agassi
Founder & Owner // Bianco Narro

 Fashion allows us to surprise ourselves every day. Black and White is my great passion of design and give me the inspiration for  unlimited creativity for the benefits of my clients.

Contrasts are expressed in a high and flattering aesthetic which always allows you to look your best.

Workong daily on the collections is a process of learning and discovering new and interesting ideas that sometimes surprises me but enthusiasts me to adadvance and improve.  
The peak moment for me each season is when I see how my vision, dream and thoughts becomes fine finished product. 

Our goal and satisfaction is seeing you leave the store with a look of that fits you best. 
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